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Dear Future Heavy-Hitter,

Did you know that Network Marketing has produced more millionaires in the last few years than any other business?

Yet, over 90% of beginning network marketers will either quit or lose money!

Why is that?

What are they doing wrong?

Just like any other new business, there's a learning curve.

It takes both time and experience to learn how to run a PROFITABLE network marketing business.

The problem is most Network Marketers have never had the proper training from their sponsors or their company.

They don't know what really works, so they're constantly making mistakes that waste both time and money.

You can change that!

You now have the opportunity to be trained by an expert who will show you the EXACT methods she has used to build a downline of over 12,000 in just two years!

How much would you be earning if you had 12,000 well trained marketers in your downline?

The MLM Millionaire Training CourseTM Will Make the Difference For You!

This course will propel you to a fast start. You will learn:

That's what causes EXPLOSIVE growth!

You'll know what it takes to build a huge income in MLM and you'll know how to do it FAST by using the same powerful techniques Linda Bruton uses.

Course Objectives

The MLM Millionaire Training CourseTM is a Tremendous Training System That Accomplishes Three Very Important Objectives:

Personal Introduction

As your prospective business partner in the course, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Patricia Winkelmann. I live in the County of Lac Ste. Anne on an acreage 50 Km northwest of Edmonton, AB, Canada. I work in Edmonton for the Government of Alberta, in the Information and Program Support area.

I’m very committed to learning network marketing, especially as it applies to the internet. I’ll be glad to share what I’m learning with you. I'm available by email or phone if you have any questions about the course.

Ask me about the MMTC Fast Start Package that I provide to all of my business partners!

I'll also be glad to send followup letters to your prospects when you start marketing the course. Linda Bruton has found this to be an extraordinarily effective tool.

Linda’s downline support is legendary! She provides newsletters, national co-op advertising, postcards, letters and self-mailers that Sell Like Crazy!

Every marketing tool you need is available. All of these are in addition to the training course itself.

Brian Tracy, in his success series Thinking Big, said something that has become an important part of my life. He said:

You Can Learn Anything You Need to Learn
To Accomplish Any Goal You Can Set For Yourself.

The MLM Millionaire Training CourseTM will teach you HOW to make a huge income in Network Marketing.

Instead of stuggling through months of failing and losing money, why not learn what you need to learn to be successful now?

I'd rather learn powerful techniques from an expert and MAKE money!

Wouldn't you?

I urge you to read the letter from Linda Bruton and decide to give yourself all of these advantages.

Join me as a "heavy hitter in training"!

Wishing You Great Success,

Patricia Winkelmann

Personal Message From Linda Bruton

MLM Millionaire Training Course

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